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Is your property idle? It is time you turn your property into a consistent revenue stream. List your property in ParkRoll and transform your idle property into an ideal & earning parking space rental.

  • List in a Click

    Enrol with us & transform your space

  • Easy Profits

    Set your own price & earn profits

  • Strike a Deal

    Pitch in extra sales by interacting with customers.

  • Track your Income

    Track your insights and earn more profits.


Make your hidden property into a high-yielding parking space rental with our app to mix’n’match.


Perk-up your Amenities

Get ready for your wallet to ring with a twang of profit once you list a commercial parking lot for rent. Roll up your sleeves & upsell other amenities with parking. For example, Car-washing, EV Charging, Uber vouchers, etc.

Robust & Easy to use User Interface

Monitor your parking space rental like a pro. Designed the User Interface to give you a dynamic user experience, leave no stone unturned to upscale your revenue from your property.

Higher ROI per spot

Get your property mint money for you while you sit in your home like a boss. Turn your idle space into idea earning space by letting your commercial parking lot for rent. Let your business do the talking!

Winning Collaboration

Teaming up with us is all the tweak you need to monetize your idle property. Get the predatory competitive edge while listing your car spaces for rent with us.

Manage Inventory in your dashboard

Get to manage your inventory with an easy to use dashboard and reap dollars out of your parking space rental.

Get meaningful performance insights

Be your own boss of commercial parking lot for rent with deep and meaningful insights delivered at your dashboard. With a sleek UI of ParkRoll, prepare for a roller coaster ride of minting dollars by keeping track of your revenue and performance.

Seamless customer experience

You come, you see and you conquer your parking space rental by listing it with us. Let ParkRoll become a beehive of monetary transactions to you while you taste success.

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